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            About Kmart

            Kmart Logo

            A subsidiary of Sears Holdings Corporation (NASDAQ: SHLD), Kmart makes shopping fun for everyone. Most recognized for the iconic Bluelight Special and family-friendly in-store events for its customers and Shop Your Way® members, Kmart also boasts ridiculously awesome savings and amazing finds on quality products and exclusive brands including Jaclyn Smith, Adam Levine, Joe Boxer, Route 66 and Smart Sense. In addition to its unique offerings and thrilling deals, Kmart offers a variety of financial services including year-round layaway and leasing options. Kmart Pharmacy also features best-in-class patient care for its members and customers and is ranked #1 in Customer Satisfaction.

            For more information, visit Kmart.com, download the Kmart mobile app or follow the conversation on social with #LifeIsRidiculouslyAwesome.

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