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            Product Recalls

            Below is a current list of items that have been sold by Kmart, which are subject to recall. Click on a product link for information on actions you should take if you purchased any of the items listed. Kmart updates this recall list on a regular basis.

            For more information on recalled products, visit www.recalls.gov. This web site is a partnership among six federal agencies. Visitors to www.recalls.gov can also access other important safety notices and sign up for e-mail announcements on new recalls and consumer news.

            Also, to see the list of dietary supplements that the FDA has banned and considers to pose health risks, click here.



            06-27-19 Gillette Recalls Venus Simply3 Disposable Razors Due to Laceration and Injury Hazards
            05-09-19 South Shore Furniture Recalls Chest of Drawers Due to Serious Tip-Over and Entrapment Hazards; One Fatality Reported
            04-12-19 Fisher-Price Recalls Rock ‘n Play Sleepers Due to Reports of Deaths
            12-11-18 Kimberly-Clark Announces Voluntary Recall of U by Kotex® Sleek® Tampons, Regular Absorbency,Throughout U.S. and Canada
            04-02-18 MarcasUSA, LLC Issues Voluntary Nationwide Recall of Pasta De Lassar Andromaco Skin Protectant 25% Zinc Oxide 60g Due to Potential Contamination
            03-15-18 Handi-Craft Recalls Dr. Brown’s Lovey Pacifier & Teether Holders Due to Choking Hazard
            01-25-18 VTech Recalls Infant Rattles Due to Choking Hazard
            01-25-18 VTech Recalls Lights & Lullabies Travel Mobiles Due to Injury Hazard
            01-04-18 HP Recalls Batteries for Notebook Computers and Mobile Workstations Due to Fire and Burn Hazards

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